husband and wife

Taking Husband’s Money without His Permission

Bismi Allahi Erhaman errrahimRespected scholars, as-salamu `alaykum.I am writing to you regarding a woman whose husband has recently died (Allah yerahmou).During their common life, this man, his wife and their four children were living from the income issued from a grocery store which was his property.This man was very fair towards his family and always had fulfilled his duty as devoted husband and father. His family never lacked of anything and he was always giving money to his children and/or his wife whenever they needed.However, his wife has for several years putting aside extra  cash money (in addition to the money she was receiving from him) by taking several times and for several years from the grocery store cashier without that her husband knows anything about it.She was operating either by herself or with the help of some of her children who obeyed rather with fear to her orders.According to this woman this money (which is worth several thousands of euros) was put aside for security in case of "financial bad times" (Only God knows the truth)Now that her husband has passed away, she has no more chances in this earth to tell him about her actions.This woman asked me to contact you by email to known if what she was doing is haram or not, and if it the case what does she have to do with the whole amount of money in order to be safe in front of God and in front of her husband el youm el quiyama inchallah.Thanks for your answer.Jazakum Allahu khayran