Sexual relations are among the important matters of life that Islam explains and for which it prescribes proper conduct that elevate sex from mere bestial pleasure and physical desire. Righteous intention, supplications, and proper conduct elevate marital sexual relations to the level of worship for which the Muslim will be rewarded.

 Islamic Shari`ah does not specify a certain number of times for having intimate relationship between husband and wife per week. What is important, according to the Islamic Shari`ah, is that spouses should fulfill the sexual needs of each other. The sexual needs of people differ from one person to another and they depend on many circumstances surrounding the couple. So, the matter is as we explained that what is important is to fulfill the sexual needs of husband and wife taking into consideration the circumstances of spouses and without causing harm or hardship to anyone. If one of spouses cannot fulfill the sexual needs of the other, then he/she should seek a medical or psychological advice to look for the cause of the problem.