Zainab Al-`Alwani, Instructor of Fiqh and Islamic Studies, Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, states the following: “Having children is a gift from Allah that deserves appreciation and gratitude. Of course, the best form of gratitude is to take care and look after our children in the best way possible. In this case, the first step for mums is to accept the reality that they’re having another child, and they have to give up the idea of abortion which is haram; second, they should seek help from their husband, relatives and other sisters who have kids so they can work together and help each other with rearing children.
Wives and mums generally should take this step seriously even if they live in a small community; third and at the very beginning, to ask Allah for assisting them and giving them the strength to fulfill this duty. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) taught Fatimah and `Ali to say, subhana Allah wal hamdullilah wallahu akbar thirty three times before they go to sleep, in order to give them strength after being exhausted from household work and children.
May Allah help us all.”