Aborting foetus if it is proven it carries thalassemia major gene

To put things in perspective, please note that me and my wife are married for almost 10 years now. We are blessed with twins (A boy and a Girl) born in 2003. Approximately, after 7-8 months of their birth we found that our daughter has a medical condition known as THALASSEMIA MAJOR. Please note that she is not capable of producing adult hameoglobin in her blood which is required to carry oxygen to entire cells in the body. She is dependent on life long blood transfusions. We take my daughter to hospital every 4-5 weeks for a blood transfusion and this is going to be rest of her life. Currently, there is no cure for thalassemia major.Due to frequent blood transfusion, she has iron overload in her body. I do not wish to go into technicalities but for simplicity please note that the blood transfusions causing a store of iron in her organ cells. This iron overload in the body causes harm to one?s body as the organs begin to fail if that iron overload is not treated. She is currently taking medications to treat her iron overload and that is also for the rest of her life. We are trying our level best to keep her iron levels down but they usually remains high in all thalassemia patients. Thalassemia comes with so many complications and the treatment is extensive, from eye, ear to alomost every single part of your body is effected.Now lets go back and analyze how she got this medical condition. Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder and if both parents have a thalassemia trait than there is a 25% chance a child is born with the severe form of thalassemia. In our case, both me and my wife carry the trait.The management of thalassemia is long term and complex, patients these days can live upto in their 30s and possibly beyond. There are complexities and hardships in raising a thalassemia child. Problems remains with heart, liver and endocrine system of the body.Allah has given us the courage to take care of our daughter and we are committed to her health.As of few months we thought of having another child but due to risk of thalassemia we are avoiding ourselves. In modern days, a test to show if a child carries thalassemia major gene or not can be done in the third month or 12th week of pregnancy.My question is if we find that the fetus carries thalassemia major gene after 12 weeks of pregnancy, can we opt for cessation of pregnancy or abortion as per Islamic rulings. My weak knowledge in Islam tells me I cannot abort the child after 12 weeks regardless of the medical condition it carries, but for conformity I seek your answer.Please note my Son is thalassemia minor / trait just like us and carry the minor symptoms of thalassemia.

Sorrowful for Abortion

aslama alekum  i have a question about abortion .i had an abortion 3 days ago which was more than 120  days of fetus infact i was 17- 18 weeks pregnant, even though before i went to the clinic i was not in favour of doing it and didnt feel it was right even at the time when i was having it done i was crying the whole time only, i still did it, since ive done it feel like i have lost a lot i cant stop crying let alone ask for forgiveness, i cant look myself in the eye and i horribly ashamed of what i've done,i dont think my child will forgive me for what his own mother has done to him, i feel i've sinned so much that i can never be forgiven and what i've done no matter what i what i've done cannnot be undone, i feel like i have done absolute in justice to my baby, i cant think of it as a fetus now i'm in great pain to me i feel like it was my child that i killed with my own hands and i've got blood on my hands i m in so much pain i cant come to terms with it please help im in the deepest despair at the moment, when i look at my other children all i can think of is the one whom i did unjustice to whom i have not thought of i dont know how i did it what came over me at the time, that agree to this sin i feel no purpose to my life i've done so wrong there are no words that are helping me pls put some refrences from quran which can make me come to terms with this tragadey, also i would like to know  also what kaffarah(if blood money is to be paid to whome and how by inheritance law and do i have to fast, can his father pay the blood money he did participate as he agreed to it) or  do i have to do it, also  can you please tell me quran says that a life comes in this world by him and and ends by him , was this how much his life was written for or i eneded and his life could've been alot more to how it ended now and did god willed this as no leaf can move without him allowing it, is he in jannat?