With respect to abortion blood and whether it is considered post-natal bleeding, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, an Islamic scholar, responded in the following way:

“If your bleeding was not due to menses but it was due to miscarriage at such an early stage, then you should not stay away from prayer; you simply need to wash yourself and perform wudhu’ and pray. It shall be treated as nifaas (postnatal bleeding) only if it is preceded by birth (alive or still). Since it was not due to birth you can assume that it is not nifaas. However, if the fetus has evolved and is fully formed then it shall be treated as bleeding due to nifaas.
As for the procedures you could have made for the fetus, if it was a fetus aborted then you need to bury him/her. Generally, well equipped Islamic centers have arrangements for such procedures; there is no janazah involved here.”