In the book of jurisprudence of all four sects, it has been said:

The four sects have agreed that the tawaf al ifada can be done at any time from the fajr of the day of sacrificing till the end days of Dhul-Hijjah.

The Shafi’s and the Hanbali added more time to this, and confirm that it starts from the middle of the night of the day of sacrifice with no end date for it. Hence, one may make tawaf later and whenever one wishes. There is nothing requiring one to do it at a certain time.

However, according to the Hanafis, if Dhul Hijjah has passed, then one must do tawaf in the months of Hajj in another year. According to the Malikis, if Dhul Hijjah has passed, then one must sacrifice an animal to validate the Hajj.

From the above, it is permissible to perform the Tawaf al Ifadah at a later time, or with the Farewell Tawaf and the Hajj will be valid according to all four schools of thought. This is because he does the tawaf al ifadah in Dhul Hijjah, and combining the two tawaafs -which are considered obligatory acts – is permissible.