It should be clear that both the husband and wife should satisfy each other in bed. If one of them fails to achieve this marital duty, he/she should resort to medical treatment or Islamic professional counseling.
In this regard, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, states: “In Islam marriage is a partnership based on mutual rights and obligations. It is, therefore, important that both spouses try their best to be considerate and sensitive towards the needs and feelings of one another and do their best to satisfy each other within the bounds of Islam.
Sexual fulfillment is an important part of the mutual obligations of husband and wife. A husband definitely needs to be aware of his duty towards his wife in this respect, and takes it seriously. Just as his wife has a duty to satisfy him, he is also obligated to satisfy her.
Should he be suffering from a sexual dysfunction, he is required to seek professional advice in order for the marriage to be a happy one. If he cannot satisfy her wife through sexual intercourse, he is perfectly justified in satisfying her through other acceptable avenues; he may, [for example] masturbate her; if he were to do this, he is working within the perfect limits of Islam; his doing it on her is different from her doing it on herself. A person masturbating on himself/herself is not allowed in Islam except in dire necessity where one fears falling into adultery; marriage is intended in Islam to be a shield against that. So being married, spouses should never be forced into this option.”