In general, Islam encourages us to maintain self-control and to avoid anger. One of the sublime advice of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to one of the Companions was to keep oneself calm and to avoid anger. The reason is that anger often leads to unpleasant results. Husband and wife are recommended not to involve in such things. As a result of such anger, divorce (Allah forbid) could take place. Cases in which phrases such as “Get out of the house” and the like that are uttered with the intention of divorce, are typically considered a divorce. However, if the intention was not to divorce one’s wife, then there is no problem.
On another level, such angry words are quite harmful to the sacred marriage relationship and are very hurtful to this man’s wife. To pursue full reconciliation with the offended wife, the least the husband should do is to honestly apologize to her.

Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and an Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, stated: If, while uttering these words, he doesn’t have the intention of divorcing his wife, then it does not constitute a valid divorce; therefore, she is still his wife and not divorced from him.

It is, however, best for him to learn to control his anger so that he does not utter words that have grave consequences later on. He is advised to take a program in anger management. Anger, unless one is able to control it, can be extremely dangerous. Satan uses anger to destroy us, and it could cost us dearly. Hence the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace and blessing be upon him) advice to someone who asked for advice, “Control your anger.” He (peace and blessing be upon him) repeated it every time the man repeated that same question.

Therefore, my advice to all married men out there is to exercise self-restraint and better manage their anger.