As far as Islamic Shari`ah is concerned, the relationship between husband and wife should be based on affection, love, mutual respect, and cooperation. Spouses should agree on a method to work out their differences in a way that does not harm their marital life. They have to be keen on maintaining their family doing their best to act upon the proper Islamic manners. Therefore, it is not acceptable at all for a wife or a husband to shout at her or his spouse.

The prominent Muslim scholar and da`iyahZeinab Mostafa stated: Our Islamic manners build a perfect personality and character for the Muslim. These manners cover all the spheres of life. In dealing with one another, we should be respectful, kind, considerate, and loving. These are the manners we should share as brothers and sisters in Islam.

As for the husband and wife, the relationship should be stronger and more respectful. Both of them have to treat each other affectionately and mercifully. Wives that find themselves shouting at their spouse should get themselves involved in Islamic activities where they can get proper Islamic knowledge and get more experience on the Islamic way of life.