Before going to `Umrah, a Muslim has to prepare himself/herself for this blessed journey by doing more good deeds, asking Allah for forgiveness, avoiding bad deeds and anything that may harm their his/her `Umrah. He/she has to supplicate Allah to grant him/her blessed and acceptable `Umrah and to accept their good deeds. He/she should prepare himself/herself spiritually and educationally for this blessed journey. Part of the preparation is to know how to perform `Umrah in the correct way.

Also, one should undertake this journey with a clear conscience. So, he/she should ask forgiveness of those relatives, friends or any other people whom he/she may have hurt or offended.

Dr. Rif`at Fawzi, former professor of Shari`ah at Cairo Univ., states:

“A Muslim husband and wife and any Muslim who is intending to perform `Umrah is required to prepare him/her by the following:

1. To ensure that their source of income for `Umrah is earned through lawful means, and not tainted by haram.

2. To pay off their debts if they are outstanding; otherwise, to make arrangements to pay them off in case he/she is not able to return home safely.
3. To ask forgiveness of those whom he/she may have hurt or offended, for one should undertake this journey with a clear conscience.
4. To educate themselves as best they can with regard to the correct performance of `Umrah in form and spirit.
5. Finally, consistently seek forgiveness of Allah and make dhikr a consistent habit.
May Allah make our hearts and tongues supple with His remembrance-ameen.”