Neglecting Fasting in Ramadan: Any Expiation?

First of all, I’d like you not to reproach me for what I am going to say. My conscience reproaches me enough in that respect. I just hope that you guide me to what I can do so that I can expiate my wrongdoing.For ten years up till the last one, I did not fast in Ramadan. I was not ill, nor did I deny the obligation of fasting it. I do believe that fasting Ramadan is an obligation upon every sane and able Muslim that has reached the age of puberty and that fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam. I did not fast just because of weakness of the soul and inability to resist temptations.Last Ramadan, I did fast, thanks to Almighty Allah. But I’d like to know what to do regarding the ten years I did not fast Ramadan. Can I fast ten months to make up for the missed fasts, which, in fact, is difficult for me to bear? Or can I give a day’s meal to a poor person for each day missed? Or am I required to fast the days of two consecutive months for each day missed? I have read a fatwa by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, to the effect that one who breaks or misses a fast on purpose without excuse is to expiate this by fasting two consecutive months, as it is the case when one commits zihar (compares one's wife to one's mother’s back, neither divorcing her nor giving her her conjugal rights).I’d like you to know that I have not missed even one obligatory salah (ritual Prayer) all these ten years and up till now. Guide me, please, to what I can do to atone for neglecting fast all that time.

Reciting the Qur’an and Sending Reward for the Deceased

Resspected Schoar:  Assalamu Alaikum, 1.If a person like to send reward for deceased but does not know how to read Quran can he recite the Quran along with audio cassettes and make a dua for the reward for all the marhooms including deceased, will the deceased get reward ? 2.After the soul of pious Muslim  is removed from the body and placed in ILLIYYUM, do the soul has any connection with this world can the soul see what is happening with his relatives and also do the soul see what is going on in soul's new world? 3.I heard that when a person dies his ancestors are lining up to greet him and upon his arrival he is introduced to all the  deceased relatives and also questions are being asked about the living relatives ? and from there where do all go ?  4. In a situation where deceased had wished to built a Mosque and have laid down the foundation stone to start few days before his death in Pakistan, later the widow has decided   to keep the land for busisness do the deceased get any reward for this intention and if the siblings of the deceased wants to donate funds/donation on deceased behalf to a Darul Uloom in the area does he will get the same reward like a Mosque ? 5.The deceased who was my younger brother came to one of my borhter's dream and my brother asked him you left us very soon and suddenly he replied it was not my decision the second question my brother asked him how evcerything went for you his answer was everything went fine and very easily and then he said now he is going even farther away and my brother said he looks kind of happy and satisfied, again he met him in dream and he said he is happy and in the world you do not know how much problems, stress and worries I had and recently my cousin went for Hajj and she met him in her dream as he was also doing hajj with them wearing white Hajj cloths,  please comment on this with detail does dream have any link to this world or they are mere dreams ?     6.My brother passed away in Pakistan  this year a week before Ramadhan  and his intention was for Aitikaff for 10-20 days and also his plan was to go with Tableegh Jamaat for 10 days does he gets reward for his intentions ? 7.What is the best we can do to send reward to him is it charity or reading Quran and making Duaas for him ? Please  try to answer these question for me as they will give me great satisfaction because I am very depressed and sad al the time and there is not a single moment of my life when I can not think about him, please help me, I live in a remote small town and have no access to any Scholar, I understand your time is very precious but your answer will give me great satisfaction and May Allah Reward you for this kindness. Wasalaam