Concentrating on making Ramadan a warm, positive, and happy experience in the whole house is a priority. We should not expect young children to feel or practice the worship we started when we were older. This does not mean that we should minimize our expectations of our children in this holy month; it just means that we have to prioritize our objectives.
The main objective is the general air of the house, which will pave the way to all other objectives. As for Qur’an in the month of Qur’an, it would be a good idea to choose verses that tell the stories children love most and to reflect on them together. For example, the story of Prophet Ibrahim or of Prophet Yusuf (peace and blessings be upon them); try to link these stories to the children’s own daily lives in a manner they will find enjoyable and understandable. We need to raise children who have a voluntary conscious link to the holy Qur’an stemming from love and choice. A light but consistent daily dose of Qur’an accompanied by linking its meaning and application to daily life is what I would suggest for every muslim in this month.
May Allah link our hearts and the hearts of our children to the holy Qur’an and grant us, and them, its memorization, understanding, and application.