To introduce Ramadan to your children, I suggest the following steps:
1. Choose a relaxed time with your child before Ramadan, possibly in the coming few days, and introduce Ramadan to them in their language. Think of a friend or family member who is dear to your child’s heart. Ask them how they would feel if this person came to visit you for a short while with all the presents and sweets he or she brings along. Would this visit make them happy? why?
link this to the arrival of the holy month, which comes only once a year with a lot of sweeties too, this time from Allah Most High.
2. Prepare a simple action plan to plan together for the arrival of the dear guest. How would you plan for your guest? making the house look beautiful? preparing all that he or she likes? looking your best? Put the action plan together for preparing the house and yourselves for the arrival of the holy month.
3. Talking to them about the doors of Paradise being open in this holy month is highly recommended. You can even make a tour every night into Paradise and take a closer look at what Allah Most High has prepared for those who obey him in this holy month.