A husband and wife should have good communication and common understandings on everything. It is better for you to sit down with your husband and plan things on a very well-known and clear basis. The husband is in the position of who leads the household. It is not an issue of superiority or inferiority. It is the way each one functions to integrate others’ roles.
Having said this, we’d like to enlighten you on the Islamic ruling concerning the woman’s taking leave on leaving home. The Fatwa of the European Council for Fatwa and Research goes as follows:
“It is incumbent on the woman to inform her husband when she wants to go outside her home. However, the woman’s leaving her house to work, study or run errands for the home and the children, will not require but a general consent on the part of the husband, and the wife is not to ask leave every time. The matter is subjected to common tradition. If the wife’s going out of the house is to visit a family not known to the husband, or if her going out entails staying overnight outside the house, the leave and consent of the husband become necessary. If the husband refuses, the woman shall not go out.
Muslim morality also requires that the husband should tell his wife if he wants to travel or stay overnight outside the house, for she has the right to know her husband’s whereabouts when he is absent from home.”