Actually, it is an unbecoming behaviour of the husband to try to prevent his wife from wearing hijab which is a symbol of honour and dignity for the Muslim woman. The wife who is faced by such difficult situation should try her best to convince her husband not to prevent her from wearing the hijab. The wife is advised to resort to all possible means to convince him as in Islam a Muslim wife can’t obey a person whether he is a husband or whatever, at the expense of disobeying Allah.

Dr. Sano Koutoub Moustapha, professor of fiqh and its principles, International Islamic University, Malaysia, states the following: Truly, it is a very disheartening and unbecoming situation to try to prevent the wife from wearing hijab. I would like to tell all our Muslim sisters that we are all living in this world temporarily and one day we shall leave it and be over there where we will be held responsible for whatever we do in our lives.

Accordingly, Muslim women should never ever think of obeying their beloved husbands in taking off their hijab to please his un-Islamic feeling and desire. You should and you have to please your Lord the Almighty. Furthermore, you should remind your husband that in pleasing Allah the people will be pleased with you. At the same time, disobeying Allah for the sake of pleasing people will lead to the displeasure of the people sooner or later. Therefore, he should be worried about Allah’s anger not people’s dissatisfaction. It is necessary for couples to feel so proud of being Muslims and never ever think of hiding your religion in order to please others.

I call upon all beloved husband to fear Allah and remember that forcing others to commit a sin is a grave sin and a crime in the eyes of Islam. One might be subjected to the curse of Allah, which will complicate his life in the future. I am sure and certain that there is nothing wrong with wearing hijab in any place in the States. It is true that the image of Islam is tarnished by wrong practices of some Muslims, but this is not an excuse to hide one’s faith and distance oneself from this great religion.

All in all, wives have to find all means and ways of convincing their beloved husbands that there is no way that you will take off your hijabs to please his friends or his unjustified fear before his friends.