Regarding the couples who had sexual intercourse before the trimming or shaving of their hair during ‘Umrah, a prominent scholars, Sheikh `Abdul-Majeed Subh, said:

“If you had conjugal relation with your wife before trimming or shaving your hair, then each one of you have to give a sacrificial animal in the haram sanctuary…

This sacrificial animal (hadiy) has to be slaughtered in the haram sanctuary by sending the money with someone or with a concerned company such as Ar-Rajhi to do it on your behalf in the haram Sanctuary. It cannot be slaughtered in Jeddah or Pakistan.

In addition, the owner of this hadiy can eat from it if it was slaughtered while he is in the Sanctuary. The hadiy can also be distributed on the poor and those performing Hajj or `Umrah. Also, it can be canned and shipped to other Muslim countries to be distributed on the poor.”