A Muslim is required to fear Allah and not to set a bad example in his or her community. A Muslim is supposed to be positive, cooperative, and beneficial for the society where he or she lives. It should be also clear that it is permissible to live and work in a non-Muslim country — be it Christian or otherwise — as long as one can maintain and observe his or her faith freely and there is no fear about the environment his or her children will be raised in.

Dr. Monzer Kahf, a prominent economist and counselor, states: Certainly every Muslim is free to raise their children in a Muslim country or any other land as long as they raise and train them to internalize the Islamic faith and values.

European countries are not Christian countries totally; they are pluralistic countries that accommodate all religions. Muslims in Europe have freedom to practice their religion and Islam is the religion of the second-largest minority in many European countries. There are large Muslim communities, Mosques, Islamic schools, and Islamic centers all over Europe.

Additionally, even if these countries were Christian, it is permissible to live in them as long as Muslims have the freedom to practice their faith and to teach it to their children, a fact that exists in all European countries. Add to it that it is permissible to work in non-Muslim countries, be they Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, or what not.