Reading the Qur’an is one of the greatest acts that deserve reward from Allah and the people of the Qur’an is the people of Allah. They will gain the highest degree in the Hereafter, so one has to read the Qur’an as much as he/she can and in the way he/she is able to do, namely, whether to read it quietly or silently.

Wael `Abdel-Mut`aal Shihab, Shari`ah researcher atAl-Azhar University, states: “In fact, reading the Qur’an entails great reward from Allah Almighty. A person is recommended to read the Qur’an, reflect on its meaning, and act according to its teachings.
When reading the Qur’an, a person is recommended to read quietly with a voice that he or she could hear so that his/her tongue will help the heart to ponder on the meanings of the verses.
However, no one could say that it is not valid to read the Qur’an or make du`aa’ with no voice, though a person is recommended to move his tongue to help the heart reflect on the meanings.
It is noteworthy that in Prayer (salah), one should recite the Qur’an—with moving his lips and tongue—in order to meet the requirement of reading Qur’an—especially Al-Fatihah—in Prayer.”