Muslims are required to strike a balance between all their duties. Aiding the afflicted and taking care of the poor are duties that Muslims should carry out without negligence.
The eminent scholar and renowned da`iyahSheikh `Abdel Khaliq Hasan Ash-Shareef states: The recent tsunami that struck south Asia and caused the death of thousands and the displacement of millions requires quick and collective aid to reduce the harm and alleviate the suffering.
On the other hand, taking care of the poor and the needy is a duty that a Muslim should carry out and never ignore under any pretext.
Therefore, what is required is to strike a balance between aiding the disaster survivors, taking care of the poor, looking after the family, and other duties.
However, quitting our job to go to aid our brothers and sisters in south Asia, we would like to make it clear that the aid process in such disasters needs collective efforts. Governments and concerned institutions should organize the aid efforts so that they can be successful.
We cannot say that all should quit their jobs to go there to take part in aid process, but we do say that all should hasten to help according to their capacity within the framework organized by governments or concerned institutions.
Now it is high time to hurry to aid our suffering brothers and sisters there with all possible forms of aid. May Allah Almighty alleviate their suffering and remove their pains. Ameen.