As far as Shari`ah is concerned, the wife has to be honoured and dealt with respect, kindness, and care. The family atmosphere should be surrounded with love, affection, and mercy. Both husband and wife are required to work collaboratively to maintain peace and serenity in the family and to bring up their children in a healthy atmosphere. Abusing the wife physically or emotionally is not allowed in Islam, and the Muslim husband is required to fear Allah and set a good example for his wife and do his best to have a successful marital life that is based on piety and righteousness. It is unbecoming of the Muslim husband to abuse his wife physically or emotionally, the thing which threatens the family, the very core of society.

Zeinab  Al-`Alawani, instructor of fiqh and Islamic studies, Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, stated,

First of all, I would like to emphasize the importance of the family in Islam and how it is given so much priority over many things. The stability and future of the family must be maintained in a way that we need to prevent any problem that can negatively affect it.
With regard to domestic violence, it is one of the most grave factors that destroy families. It is a real threat to the Muslim family, and therefore it should not be taken lightly. It is unfortunate that some women do not report incidents of physical abuse except after it has become a habit and a frequent occurrence in the family, which minimizes the chance of successful counselling and conflict resolution. Therefore, I would like to briefly give some important tips:
1. The woman has to be wise enough to help her husband before resorting to any type of physical abuse. For example, if he needs anger-management classes or counselling, she should be the first one concerned and trying to assist him in this matter.

2. She should not wait for physical abuse to happen many times until she takes an action. She must act positively at the first occurrence. Possible ways of resolution may be seeking professional counselling, help from some friends or community members, or an elder in the family.

3. In case of physical abuse, the woman must seek protection. She may leave the house and seek help from social services. She must protect herself from any possible harm.
Domestic violence is a serious disease that affects the family, and there must be collaborative efforts to solve this issue by raising awareness, providing education, and providing support for troubled families in order to maintain peace and serenity in the family and to provide a healthy environment for children to grow up in.