Does having Occasional Flatulence affect the validity of Hajj

I have an occasional flatulence problem.  My problem is worse during fajar and alright for some prayers.  There have been times when I have to repeat my wudu 3 or 4 or even more times for the same namaz.  There are times when I can complete the whole namaz.  I was lucky enough to go for hajj alhamdullilah this year with my husband and my problem got worse, I do sometimes imagine that my wudu has broken so will repeat it just to ensure that I have wudu.  I think I MAY have broken wind during tawaf e ziayara but was not sure so repeated the tawaf with fresh wudu, however I THINK the same happened again I am not sure if it just my clothes rubbing against me, I just don?t know, and feel really distraught about the whole thing, I keep thinking whether I had wudu or not. I don?t even know whether my hajj was ok or whether I need to do it again or what??!! I also have piles (haemorrhoids) which got worse during hajj.  It may have been that rubbing against my skin.  I always doubt whether I have my wudu. As for the tawaf I know that if I was sure that I had broken wind then I would definitely had repeated my wudu but I wasn?t sure. At times when I do break wind I definitely know, but my problem is worse whilst praying namaz. I think I may have just let something tiny out without being knowing or being sure. I just keep concentrating on whether something is coming out instead of the prayer.  I would never go to the holy mosque in the morning I prayed in my hotel room because of my problem so that I was able to repeat my wudu if needed.  I feel really depressed and embarrassed about the whole situation please reply soon.  Was my tawaf and hajj ok??  Please tell what I should do.  Do I have to go for hajj again?? Please reply as soon as possible and pray for me Jazakalla khair.  May allah create more people like you who are dedicated to guiding others