Shari`ah is broader than fiqh as it comprises all rulings including the rulings related to `aqeedah (Islamic Creed), Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), and morals and relations between people. As for Fiqh, it concerns about the practical rulings such as the rulings of salah, transactions, inheritance, acts of worship, hudud (the Prescribed Penalties), etc.

So, Shari`ah is much broader than Fiqh. For details on the definition of Shari`ah and Fiqh, one can refer to Sheikh `Abdul Qadir `Uda’s At-Tashri` Al-Jina’i. We can also refer to Shaikh Abu Zahra’s Tarikh At-Tashri`. We may also refer to other books in the Islamic library on the history of Islamic Legislation and we will find many writings in this regard insha’ Allah.