First of all, we would like to stress that not everything we hear and see is true, and we have to think twice before judging matters, especially those related to the Unseen or ghayb. Thus, a Muslim is supposed to have firm belief in what is related to the Unseen, among which is the realm of souls. But very little information about the soul has been revealed to us.
Sheikh `Abdul-Bari Az-Zamzami, a member of the Moroccan Scholars’ Association, states the following: “Allah Almighty says: “They will ask thee concerning the Spirit (ruh). Say: The Spirit is by command of my Lord, and of knowledge ye have been vouchsafed but little” (Al-Israa’: 85).
The aforementioned verse states that man’s knowledge is very limited, and one is unable to have comprehensive knowledge of the soul. This is simply because the soul is something which is exclusive for Allah. It is part of the unseen world that is known to Almighty Allah Alone.
Based on the above, I can conclude that the one who claims to know about the soul or any of its secrets is a liar, and a Muslim is supposed to avoid believing in what he or she says.”