Sheikh Faysal Mawlawi, deputy chairman of the European Council fot Fatwa and Research, issues the following Fatwa: “There is nothing wrong, as far as Islam is concerned, in publishing the photos of the Pope wearing the Cross via an Islamic Web Site when reporting news related to the Pope himself or even to Christians. The permissibility here is based on presenting a fact.
What is really prohibited is to adopt any Christian symbol such as the Cross or any other Christian belief that run counter to the teachings of Islam.
Again, reporting, airing news about Christians and publishing their photos are Islamically permitted.
As to the other point concerning publishing photos of women who are not Islamically dressed, even if their art, news and latest updates accompany such publishing, we can say that it is originally prohibited because of the sedition that usually take place as a result.
If it is necessary to publish photos of those women for a certain reason, then let the photos of old women who are advanced in age be published as long as nakedness and seductiveness are avoided.”