As salamu ‘alaykum sister
Like any recipe in life, we collect the ingredients and make of them what we will, but if we do not get all rights ingredients, in the right quantity then the outcome becomes heavily questionable. It would seem that you have made a decision, but in fact you have not. Rather, you have followed your lower self which requires no decision. Marital decision is the foundation for every life, which of course should not be faulty. When you fall for someone who is other than you religiously (i.e. your spouse has a separate or different religion); you become pregnant for him, and then expect him to play a significant role in the raising of the child. This my dear sister is a very difficult situation because the children will bear the burden of influences. You cannot exclude the father from the fathering process!
Being raised as something in name only is one thing, and in practice in terms of perception, self measure, and self application, is another. Assuming that your family will always be there for you, they can help to provide the kind of support every mother – regardless of religion needs. Then there is the relationship you will have with your spouse’s family, and the relationship your children will have with their father’s family. Being together is one thing, but the reality of being together is another, and no one can make that decision but you. Hence, it is better to think about religious background before choosing your spouse, my dear sister.