According to the sayings of the scholars on this matter:

The divorce of the angry person is valid according to the people of knowledge, except when the angry person loses his wits due to his extreme anger, and that is when the anger reaches its peak, and anger takes control over his mind and his body such that he doesn’t know what he is saying.

If he is not angry in that way, and the man divorces his wife more than one divorce in one sitting, then it is a controversial question. The majority of the scholars and the four schools of thought say that if the man divorces his wife and he says to her: Your are divorced, divorced, divorced, and if he meant by the word divorced the second and third time to ensure (meaning initiating a new divorce) then he has made a very big statement, and he cannot take his wife back after this.

And if the husband meant by the second and third time he said divorced to confirm (meaning confirming the previous word, and not making a new divorce) then in this case only one divorce takes place, and he has the right to take her back.

Sheikh Al-Islam ibn Taimiyah has said that saying the divorce three times in one sitting is considered only one divorce no matter whether his intention was to confirm or make a new divorce, and according to his opinion whoever says to his wife you are divorced, ×3 times, it is considered only one divorce and he can still divorce her 2 times, if this was the first time he divorced her, therefore he may take her back as long as her waiting period has not ended.

Sheikh al Islam Ibn Taimiyah says:

Divorce that takes place without a doubt, is the divorce that Allah SWA has allowed, and made permissible, and that is to divorce her when she is pure before he sleeps with her, or after she has confirmed her pregnancy, one divorce as for the “forbidden divorce” for example if he divorces her while she is menstruating or he divorces her after touching her, and before her pregnancy is made clear, for this kind of divorce is forbidden and the scholars have agreed upon this. Likewise if he divorces her 3 times, with a word or words in one sitting then this is also forbidden according to the majority, and they disagree over whether it is considered a divorce or not. It has been said that three divorces take place, and some have said only one divorce takes place. The second opinion is the closer to the apparent evidence in the book and the sunnah.