Regretfully, the practices of some Muslims can be shocking for those who have read or have known some facts about the true nature of Islam. When new converts face strange attitudes from their fellow Muslims and feel that they are discriminated against because of their cultural background, they perceive the gap between the practices of some Muslims and the authentic teachings of Islam.

Therefore, we, Muslims, have to be very careful lest we drive people away from Islam by practices that contravene the true teachings of this religion.

Answering this question, Zienab Mostafa, a prominent Muslim scholar and preacher, said,

It is right to describe Islam as a beautiful religion that upholds justice, equality, and brotherhood. But, as it’s mentioned in the question, some Muslims do not live Islam, and this causes confusion for new converts. This will take time to change, and therefore we have a great role to play to bring people back to Islam.

As for marriage, it is true that some Muslim families hold fast to their cultures and traditions, but if a Muslim is planning to marry someone from another Muslim country, then she has to show his family a character that they will be obliged to respect. Time is part of the solution. Change will not happen overnight; it is with patience, understanding, kindness, and benevolence that we can make a difference.