Sheikh `Abdus-Sattar Fathallah As-Sa`eed, professor of Qur’an Exegesis and Qur’anic Sciences at Al-Azhar University, states the following: “We would like to clarify two important points. First, the economy is usually associated with Riba (interest). If a muslim is obliged to work in this field, then there is nothing wrong, and they are excused for doing so. They must, however, repent to Allah, and ask Him to forgive you while striving hard to find another lawful way of earning a living.
Second, if a muslim is directly involved in dealing with Riba, and it is their career and means of earning a living, then they are not allowed to adopt this kind of work.
Finally, working in interest-based banks is not the normal choice of career for a Muslim. Muslims are allowed to work there only if you find it extremely difficult to find a lawful way of earning a living. Try to keep in mind that you should leave this job the moment you find a more suitable one. If one is driven by the sincere intention to find a lawful way to earn a living, Allah Almighty will make it easy for you, in sha’ Allah.”