As a striking example of misusing technology, videos have become a means of spreading vice and immoral activities. Addressing people’s instincts and providing materials that arouse their sexualities have become a very lucrative business. The content of these videos varies from normal human sexual activities to deviant, perverse and even animal practices.

Dr. Salah Al-Sawy, the Secretary General for the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America (AMJA), said: Verily, actions are determined by intentions and every person will have what he intended. A man might watch these videos to contemplate the creation of Allah, especially if he is a specialist whose job is to follow issues of this sort, while another man might watch them to increase his sexual desire and longing for things that are haram. It seems more than likely that the reason these videos are made is to spread immorality and to excite base instincts after people have become bored with watching the same practices in the human world!

Such things have no place in the world of dignified behaviour and high ethical standards, and it would be more noble for a Muslim to consider himself above that lest he would gradually move on to watching other films that show these scenes in the human world, which is absolutely prohibited. Means take the same rulings of their objectives, so we advise the inquirer to stay above such base and vile things.

Allah the Almighty is the Most High, and He knows best.