As Muslims, we should try our best to help our Muslim brothers and sisters who are affected by natural disasters such as the earthquakes and hurricanes. This, doesn’t in no way hinder us from feeling the joy and happiness of the `Eid days as long as we have done our best of help to back our dear brothers and sisters who are afflicted.

In this regard, Sheikh Muhammad Nur Abdullah, ISNA President and Member of the Fiqh Council of North America, states the following:

There is no basis for such claim in the Qur’an and Sunnah. However, we are directed by the Qur’an to dress nicely when we go for prayer in the Masjid. Allah says in Surat al-Araf: “Take your adornments when going to every masjid.” (Al-‘Araf 7: 31) This means we should dress nicely and take care of our cleanliness.

In addition, we cannot make it a general statement that Muslims should not wear new clothes. We should, however, sympathize with them and donate generously. But also `Eid is a time of joy that cannot be underestimated.”