In today’s world, it is the role of all Muslims to facilitate marriage so as to prevent spinsterhood. If we are to follow the noble teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, then there will be no existence to such problems.
The London-based Da`iyah, Zienab Mostafa, states the following: “It is really painful to see a highly educated sister looking for a good believing husband and spend her life waiting while many good believing Muslim men are trapped with those satellites and only think in terms of this materialistic life.
It is really a crisis but we should not give up. A lot of effort is required to save our youth from this problem. It is a life long process and needs the cooperation of all the resources of the Ummah to save the future Muslim generations.
We need the help of scholars of Shari`ah, physiology, psychology, etc. to disseminate awareness among Muslim men and women. Men are not the only ones to have been affected by the internet and satellites, many women also have lost their Islamic identity and have become mere copies of famous singers and actors.
It would be more beneficial if they copied the Western scholars and the ways in which they seek knowledge. We do not control the media, rather we are its victims. At the same time, we should not just feel sorry for our situation, we have to move forward.
Firstly, to keep hope and pray to Allah to support those educated Muslim women to be firm on their way.
Secondly, to support and improve yourself with more `ibadah and to keep yourself busy with activities related to spreading awareness among the youth.
Thirdly, if you can, to establish a committee or an organization for facilitating marriage between religious and educated people.
Such problems need social-awareness, deep thought and long range action in order to save people from the evils of the internet and satellite television.”