Islamic Zoology

Asalamualaikum,Scholars of Islam,I am a homeschooler in America. I love animals. With the free time, I have had an idea. I began to love history as I started on Muslim Civilization (Public school tried to keep me away from this) and became awe-inspired.So went I went to the bookstore and found nothing on Islamic Zoology. So I have decided to write my own book about Animals in Islam and their roles throughout its history: Muhammed (PBUH)?s time through the empires through the Ottoman?s end up to now. And now I have some questions that I could not find an answer to.-Muezza, Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)?s cat, is it true that he had a cat and that it saved his life?-Battles of the Islamic Empires won/lost due to animals on either side (Horses, Camels, Flaming Pigs [enemies? side?])-What are rules of hunting with ranged weaponry and what to do/how to let out blood if the animal is shot and killed with the bullet/arrow?-Muslims, did they invent animal experimentation, veterinary medicine, and contribute to zoology (Researched from Science in the Name of God by Dr. Kasem Khaleed and The Muslim Scientists by Muhammed Yasin Owadally)? If so, what was the greatness of the contributions?-Is animal welfare and rights an eastern or western concept?-Animal scientists and sciences in Islam-Evolution and Animal Similarities (Darwin?s finches): Is it a test for mankind to see if they believe in Allah or evolution?-What is the Islamic view on man-eating animals? For example, the Lions of Tsavo and the Tigers of India: Are they punishers of hypocrites? Sinners? This is what some Muslim Sumatrans believe.-Animals. Do they remind us of salaah? Birds chirp when Fajr is over. My cat becomes aggressive if I purposely do not /forget to pray and it is becoming late for salaah time. (Note: I have been testing this and have noticed my cat, during the night, when hungry doesn?t meow at 5 or 4 AM. He waits at my feet and at 6 AM, begins to hit me and meow to be fed. 6 AM is Fajr time.)-What is euthanasia and castration from an Islamic viewpoint?-Give animals Islamic names? I?ve heard of Lutifah the Prophet (PBUH)?s horse and Muezza the cat.-What are some benefits that Muslims have made for animals (welfare, armo r, medicine, etc.)?-Can we say salaam to animals?-May I quote your answers in my book?