Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto,Ontario, Canada, states: “The full price of the mahr is obligated upon the husband after the marriage has been consummated. If couples have had intimate relations and sexual fulfillment, it is considered khalwa and tasting the sweetness, which would be sufficient ground to consider that marriage has been consummated; in such a case a wife is entitled to full mahr in case of divorce; but in case of khul` (woman initiated divorce) a wife is to part with the mahr, if the divorce is for no fault of his; if, on the other hand, it was primarily because of darar (harm or abuse caused by him) which a wife is not able to tolerate then, he still owes his wife mahr; in this case she is entitled to mahr, regardless of whether he leaves it to her choice or not.