Wife Seeking Divorce for Her Extreme Hatred for Her Ill-behaved Husband

assalamualaikum i have written to you before about getting forced by family to get married back home. i was suggested that i try and make things work with the guy i was forced to get married to. it has been 3weeks my husband has come. as i mentioned earlier i do not like the guy but as i was suggested to give it a try. i made it my intention to try. but the night he came, i tied explaining to him that i need a bit of space and time. as soon as i said that to him, he start threatening me that he will go back to Bangladesh, hes going to tell the whole family and hes going to do this and that. since the day he came, every day i was getting in to trouble by my mum. she would take me to a room alone and scream and shout at me. everyday my husband was telling family a new thing and getting me in to trouble. he'd explain to me to keep things that happen between the to of us to ourselves so it is what i agreed on. everything he did wrong he'd tell me not to tell my mum and brother in law, but as soon as id step out of the room, he'd ring my brother in law and tell him and the family a different side of story which puts me in the wrong.10 long days i was getting into trouble at least twice a day. he keeps mentioning to me that a husband has the right to beat his wife. he also keeps saying to me that i have to do as he says because hes the husband. he also gets very aggressive and tries forcing me to get physical and has hurt me 3 days. due to his this act, he has made it almost impossible for me to look at him. he is also including my little sister in all this. she is only 7years of age and he sends her to listen to what me and my sisters are talking about and to report it back to him. 1 day out of anger what he did was throw the prayer mat at my brothers feet and slam the door shut. he did this because he told me to do my wudhu and read namaz. at the time i was explaining something to my brother and just because i did not do as he said straight away he did such a thin g. i will not say i was acting right, i did not want to look at him, i did not like sitting in a room alone and having a conversation with him. but after all his acts and me trying to explain to him that i need time and space and him getting me in to trouble and forcing me, i do not want to see him or speak to him. i do not want to carry on having a relationship with him.i was suggested that i give it a try but it is almost impossible for me to do so now. on the 10th day he was here, i did something i was not supposed to do. i called the police and went away from home. the night before that i got into a lot of trouble. my mum, dad and sister took me into a room and a lot happened. my mum hit me, my dad shouted at me and said that i have to live with the guy whether i want to or not. he also threatened to send me to Bangladesh alone. i was so scared and couldn't think straight so the following day i called the police. i know it was not a wise thing to do but i felt as if it was the only thing that would keep me safe. i came home the following day to my uncles house because my mum promised me that they will not force me to live with the guy. i stayed at my uncles house for a week and now i have come home and asked for forgiveness to my mum and dad. i hurt my mum and dad a lot because i did this. am i getting gunnah (sin) because i did such a act and hurt my family? what family say is that i have to live with the guy because people are going to talk. they don't want to understand that i cant live with him. I've tried for the sake of family, not for myself but family but nothing is working out. my feelings for him are only getting worse. is it gunnah for me to feel this way? Ive tried consoling my heart but i just cant. i want to get separated from him but family wont allow it. is it right for me to go against my family and get separated? will i get gunnah (sin) if a do this? i have not allowed the guy to touch me since he has come but he has tried forcing me. i absolutely hate him and hate going in front of him. i am very confused and need advice. Jazaks