The Islamic law has not made any ruling which forbids the rental of gold. Thus, the issue remains neutral which is permitting the rental of gold. It is allowed for someone to rent gold or silver jewelry so that a woman may wear it on her wedding for example. The items would be returned after two weeks along with the money for renting it. Also the gold would be returned to the owner in its original weight and state. Although, it is better for the bride guardians to be moderate with their demand, and do not exaggerate in the dowry amount.

The Permanent committee of (al-Lajna ad-Dāʾima lil-Buḥūṯ al-ʿIlmiyya wal-Iftāʾ) passes ruling on the matter of renting gold or silver jewelry to a woman for her wedding, which shall be returned after two weeks along with the rental price and says:

It is basically permissible to rent gold or silver jewelry, for the payment in gold, silver or cash, for a known rental period , and the person who is renting the jewelry must return it once the rental period is over and there is no harm in taking a deposit for it. 

The two types of moneys here are gold and silver, which means that the rental may be given in silver or gold or in cash that people use today.

Parents of the bride are also advised not be excessive in the dowry, and not to burden the husband with a dowry, gifts and furniture etc. as this excessiveness is disliked according to the Islamic law, because of what it leads to in terms of harm and evil.