Muslims living in majority non-Muslim countries are not required to migrate as long as they could practice their freely religion and they are secure regarding their life, property, and so on.

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah, member of the Executive Committee of the Fiqh Council of North America and the Religious Director of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee, illustrated: It becomes obligatory upon a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country to migrate to a Muslim state if one’s iman, or faith, is absolutely challenged and one feels that he or she would lose one’s eternal success by staying in those challenging circumstances. If one’s iman is not in danger and he or she could practice Islam, maybe with many difficulties/challenges, then it will not be required to leave a non-Muslim country.

A true believer creates a good environment around himself or herself and is the ambassador of goodness wherever he or she happens to be. Running away from the challenges of life is not the solution. Exerting good influence and impacting the immediate environment is the sign of a strong personality. A Muslim should always work toward building his or her character so that he or she can be a model for others.
If a Muslim faces persecution or his or her spiritual as well as physical well-being are at stake, then one should migrate to a more secure and peaceful state.