Dr. Rif`at Fawzi, former professor of Shari`ah at Cairo Univ. , states: “Hajj is obligatory on one who is financially and physically able. According to the opinion of some Muslim scholars, wife is permitted to go for Hajj if she is financially and physically able and she is going to perform the obligatory Hajj and there is no good reason for husband’s refusal. However, there still remains the expected results and the reasons of your husband’s refusal and if his refusal is for only this year. Anyhow, grave results are expected if you traveled to perform Hajj without his permission, then it is our advice to delay Hajj for this year while trying to approach him kindly, discuss the issue with him asking about the reasons of his refusal. While doing so, you may seek the help of an influential family member or the Imam of a nearby Islamic Center and most probably he will relent. May Allah reward you and grant you Hajj mabrur and happiness in this worldly life and in the Hereafter.”

Allah Almighty knows best.