It is well known that a husband must maintain his wife in terms of residence, clothing, food and general care. Yet it is not obligatory on him to provide for his wife’s Hajj, for this is not part of the wife’s maintenance. Taking one’s wife to Hajj is an aspect of devotion to her, not an obligation.

In this concern, Sheikh `Atiyyah Saqr, former head of Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee, states: A husband is not obliged to bear the costs of his wife’s Hajj, as it is not included in the marital maintenance, exactly as it is not obligatory for a father to pay for his son’s Hajj. A husband has responsibility for the full maintenance of his wife. This means that he has to provide her with residence, clothing, food and general care. But it is not incumbent on him to provide for her Hajj.

A husband may pay for his wife’s Hajj out of courtesy to the wife. So if he is financially able, then it is a sign of caring and kindness to the wife to take her for Hajj. Therefore, if a husband offers to take his wife for Hajj, she can accept without embarrassment.