First of all, a Muslim is not allowed to cheat or deceive others. If a Muslim wishes to get residence or to stay in any country, he should submit correct information and set a good example for others in honesty and trustworthiness.
Also, we would like to stress the fact that Islam aims at creating a stable atmosphere wherein every true believer establishes a balanced and good Muslim family. Marriage is meant to be a strong bond and the lawful means of establishing the corner stone of a society. Every muslim has to keep in mind the fact that the marriage contract in Islam is so solemn that Shari`ah lays down rules and regulations that guarantee its stability and continuity. Thus, Islam renounces all forms of temporary marriage.
Islam never takes marriage and divorce lightly. This is clear in the hadith in which the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said that there are three matters that must always be taken seriously, whether they are said in earnest or jest. They are: “marriage, divorce and manumission of slaves.”

Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, former President of the Islamic Society of North America states: First, this is nothing but cheating and deception and it is not allowed in Islam. Muslims are not allowed to lie to anyone. Secondly, marriage is a very sacred relationship, and it should not be played with either by having a paper marriage without the intention of a real state of matrimony, or by having a paper divorce without the intention of divorce. If someone is so desperate to live in a certain place and there is no other way possible except through marriage, then one should have a real marriage but not a marriage on paper only. If it is necessary to divorce the first wife back home, then give her one divorce. After the `iddah (waiting period) she will be allowed to marry someone else if she wants. If she wants to wait from her own free will and later you want to remarry her, you can have her as your wife with a new marriage contract and mahr (dower).

“Paper divorce” is counted as a divorce in Islam. According to Islamic law, when a husband uses clear words of divorce to his wife and says or writes on a paper to her, “I have divorced you” or “I have divorced my wife so-and-so,” it is counted as a divorce regardless of his intention. In a clear statement of divorce (at-talaq as-sarih) the intention is not counted.