As far as the Islamic Shari`ah is concerned, it is the duty of Muslim parents to set good examples for their children and to bring them up according to the ethics and teachings of Islam, so that new generations may hold to the straight path. In doing so, Muslim parents should provide their children with their utmost care, love, and guidance.

Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Canada, stated: I would like to point out a few things that should help in raising children as a responsible Muslim:
1. Practice the teachings of Islam as best as you can at home. Children learn from what you practice at home, not from what you preach to them.
2. This means that you should all be diligent in Prayers and observe Islamic manners of speech, action, and behaviour with one another.
3. Enrol children in Islamic activities organized in your community, where they can interact with a group of children of their age.
4. Avoid shutting them out completely from TV or any other pastime; rather, control their time and supervise them while them is watching TV and try to gradually wean them away from unfavourable programs by giving them other lawful alternatives. Try to make them busy with activities that may keep him interested — activities that are beneficial for them.
5. Enrol them in sports or games, where they would be interacting with children of their own age.