The hymen reconstruction based on the reason for its transplant:

If the reason behind this operation is because she had an accident, or she was disobedient and becomes straight, then there is nothing wrong with that. However, she must declare this to the person whoever proposes to marry her. This is because a man who marries a lady as a virgin, whereas she is not really a virgin, has been deceived and deluded.

A man may accept his marriage to a woman who has had an accident and her hymen is transplanted (after being broken) or was a sinner and then repented, but he will surely refuse to be deceived or fooled.

In the Islamic jurisprudence, a virgin differs from a deflowered (married) in many cases. A virgin is one who has never been married or met by a man, while the deflowered is the one who has previously done it either by the terms of dowry (marriage) and in terms of desire. Some people may prefer the virgin to the deflowered while others may not. Whatever the case may be, marriage should be based on clarity and openness.