It goes without saying that terrorism has no religion or race. One should be fair, not judgmental. Islam is innocent of terrorism; if some Muslims did wrong acts, this cannot be taken as a chance to accuse Islam and the whole Muslim people at large of terrorism.
Islam considers sanctity of life as one of the main objectives of Shari`ah .The glorious Qur’an says,[Take not life, which Allah has made sacred, except by way of justice and law: Thus does He command you, that you may learn wisdom.] (Al-An`am 6: 151)

Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, states: Islam as a religion has nothing to do with terrorism. The basic meaning of the word islam means submission and peace. It teaches us that: As humans, we can achieve true peace only by freely choosing to submit to the will of our Creator.

Islam also stresses greatly upon the sanctity of life. According to the Qur’an, taking a single life unjustly is akin to taking the life of all of humanity; while saving a single life is akin to saving the life of all.
It is, however, undeniable that some so-called Muslims advocate terrorism. But as statistics show the vast majority of Muslims in the world do not support terrorism or militancy in achieving goals. They are opposed to any form of terrorism or bloodshed, even as they are opposed to the American policy of aggressive wars to establish world hegemony. Muslims of the world can make a distinction between the American people for example and the policies of their present government.

Speaking of USA for instance, it is also worth noting that the vast majority of Americans do not support the aggressive policies of their government. They know that the war against Iraq was waged under the false pretext of searching for weapons of mass destruction, which never existed in the first place.

How sad it is to know that so far more than a million Iraqis have perished in the wake of the American campaigns in Iraq and several millions have become refugees, while others wallowing under great misery.
In spite of all this, it is racism to consider all Americans as warmongers, even as it is wrong to consider all Muslims as terrorists. The only sane way for all of us is to seek the common grounds for peaceful coexistence among all people of the world. It can be done if we were to reflect and act upon the golden rule: “Do unto others what you would like them do unto you.”
the words of Jesus are also worthy of reflection for all of us, Muslims as well as non-Muslims, “Why dwell on a spot in your brother’s eyes when you have a log in your own eyes?”
May Allah make us all instruments of peace and love in the world, amen.