Everyone should bear in mind that we are responsible for ourselves and those around us as Muslims, therefore we could play an important role so as to reform the character of a friend that has drinking problem. It may be not enough to just refuse to give them money. Rather, we should do more efforts to bring them back to the straightway and correct their behaviour. Think of the following helpful tips:

1.      We should try to bring them closer to us by all good means, so that we would be able to talk to them in a friendly way about their bad habits.

2.      We should try to encircle them with good Muslim brothers/sisters that would help them lead a good life.

3.      We should try to accompany them to a nearby Islamic center to mosque imam to give them a chance to know more about Islam.

4.      Consult good family member regarding this problem and seek their help.

5.      Ever be kind and wise when dealing with them.

6.      Don’t forget to make du`aa’ for them.