It is the duty of Muslims to spare no efforts to help people who are suffering in Palestine. As the people in Gaza are facing this unjust and inhuman blockage that is culminating in a human disaster, it becomes the duty of all people, Muslims and non-Muslims, to take the necessary steps to end injustice and oppression.

Among the goals of Udhiyyah is feeding the poor and needy. The people in Gaza are in need of food, clothing, medical supplies and so on. Therefore, it is permissible, if not recommended or mandatory, to send the Udhiyyah to those who are suffering in Gaza and other Palestinian cities.

Dr. Wahbah Az-Zuhayli, ex-head of the Department of Fiqh at the Faculty of Shari`ah, Damascus University, states: I believe that the people in Gaza are more deserving of the Udhiyyah these days due to their difficult circumstances. It is not fitting for Muslims to refrain from sending some of their sacrificial animals to Gaza while non-Muslims send aid ships to alleviate the suffering of the people of Gaza.

At the same time, it is very important for Muslims to send their money through trustworthy agencies that will slaughter the sacrificial animals in Gaza.

Also, Dr. Nasr Farid Wasil, former Mufti of Egypt adds: I strongly support sending the Udhiyyah to Palestine and I regard this as an obligation. It is our duty to support our fellow brothers and sisters who are suffering under the blockage in Gaza. Let us spare no efforts to make them feel the happiness of `Eid. Moreover, poor people in any Muslim country will find someone who cares about them, but in Gaza they are dying due to the lack of food and medicine. Therefore, helping people in Gaza is a must.