Dr. Muhammad Abu Laylah, professor of the Islamic Studies & Comparative Religions at Al-Azhar Univ., states: Having sex with such persons is no more than sodomy which is totally prohibited in all religions. Such persons are advised to seek medical treatment to save themselves. This is no more than perversion and a direct challenge to the natural inclination inculcated by Allah in the human selves.

Sheikh Jadul-Haq `Ali Jadul-Haq, former Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, on the modes of dealing with the hermaphrodite states that: Islam urges Muslims to seek medication. When a trustworthy Muslim doctor decides that a certain operation is important for a patient, it becomes obligatory for the person concerned to carry out that operation. Among the religious rulings pertaining to the hermaphrodite is the one stating that a hermaphrodite is not allowed to mix with women, due to the fact that the gender has not been determined yet. The same thing explains the reason why it is not allowed for a hermaphrodite to mix with men. In case a hermaphrodite is in one place with women, he should be placed in front of them while when with men, he is to sit behind them.
Therefore, it is clear juristic-ally that, given his/her yet undetermined gender, hermaphrodites cannot mix with either men or women until after medication, carried out by a Muslim and competent doctor, which will determine his/her sex. The prohibition of mixing with males or females aims at evading any corruption that may occur in that case.