On the month of Rabi` Al-Awwal1394 A.H. (April 1974 a.C.) a large conference was held in the Muslim World League headquarters in Makkah and was attended by many representatives of international Islamic organizations. The communiqué issued by this conference branded this group as Kafirs (unbelievers).

Sheikh `Abdul-Majeed Hamid Subh, a Prominent Azharite Scholar and Da`iyah, said: “The principles of the Ahmadiyyah/Qadianiyyah sect contradict basic Islamic beliefs. So, they are considered disbelievers. British colonialism has established and fostered this sect in India to support them to undermine the Muslim society and the Islamic strive to fight and drive them out of the country.

Accordingly, it is only permissible to deal with them with the intention of calling them back to the true principles of Islam. There is no problem in eating with them having this intention in mind with the proviso that one has to abstain from eating anything that is unlawful in Islam such as pork or meat not slaughtered according to the Islamic shari’ah. Animals slaughtered by members of this sect are forbidden for Muslims.”