Islam calls upon us to be tolerant, cooperative, and respectful when we deal with people of faiths different than Islam. A Muslim is required to do his or her best to promote the noble teachings of Islam. He or she must demonstrate the mercifulness of this religion for all humanity. Allah wants Muslims to be merciful to all.

Dr. Sano Koutoub Moustapha, deputy chairman of the International Fiqh Academy and professor of fiqh and its principles at the International Islamic University, Malaysia, stated: Indeed, Islam is a religion of a peace, coexistence, tolerance, and cooperation with other faiths. Islam calls upon its followers to be merciful, kind, nice, and cooperative with all people. Almighty Allah describes the Messenger of Islam as a mercy for the worlds.

In this context, a Muslim must uphold the good name and image of Islam while dealing or interacting with others. He or she must bear in mind that the good name of Islam should not be tarnished by his or her bad behaviour toward others. He or she must act justly, fairly, honestly, and decently with all people, regardless of their faiths or beliefs.
Muslims must take coexistence with others as an opportunity to promote the values of Islam. A Muslim must be a model and example for others to follow. History witnesses that Islam was spread all over the world because of the high level of good conduct and morals showed by Muslims to others.
Accordingly, Islam has nothing to do with those irresponsible people who are killing and destroying others in the name of Islam. Islam has nothing to do with those people who are promoting the clash of civilizations and religions. Certainly, Islam fully and definitely condemns all forms of violence, killing, injustice, and intolerance.