there is nothing wrong to breastfeed an orphan baby through induced lactation if possible on the following two conditions: 1. breastfeeding the baby must be done in the first two years of his age. That is, breastfeeding a child above two years of age does not imply being unmarriageable to one another (whether the milk is suckled or given in a cup). 2. the number of times of breastfeeding should be five separated and in each session of breastfeeding the baby should be suckled until he becomes full. This means that one session or two sessions of breastfeeding or a few drops of your milk do not make him your foster child.

Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada , states: “If it is true that you can be induced to produce milk medically and breastfeed an orphan child in the first two years; in that case you will be considered as a foster-mother and the child will be forbidden for you, for he will become a mahram to you. In other words, fostering the child will establish mahram relationship between the child, you and your husband. In this case of breastfeeding, if possible, the child will only be considered a foster-child.”