A person can simply work in a shop selling satellite dishes, and there is nothing wrong with that. Satellite dishes and other similar devices can be used for both halal and haram purposes, and hence the sin which results from bad usage is on the user not on the seller in the shop.
Dr. `Ali Jum`ah, the Mufti of Egypt states that: “I would like, first of all, to stress that satellite dishes, receivers, and other similar devices are no more than tools that are used by the viewers to help them keep pace with the world around them and know about the news happening in different parts of the global village. Not only the news is followed, but also there are various TV programs, some of which are useful and others of which are not. From all these, the viewer chooses what he prefers. In his choice, the viewer should be honest with himself and choose what is good and religiously acceptable.
Having stated the above, I should stress here that in Islamic Shari`ah everything is originally deemed permissible unless there is evidence of prohibition. On the basis of this, one can sell and buy and work in maintaining things that can be used for halal and haram purposes at the same time. From the Shari`ah perspective, the sin resulting from haram use is on the user, not the owner or the maintainer. If the end user uses the satellite dish to promote virtue, then his usage is surely halal. But if he uses it to promote vice (and watch the channels containing pornography and other haram material) then he is sinful for that.” Based on the above, we can conclude that there is nothing wrong with working in the shop selling dishes, receivers and other similar stuff.