It is permissible for a Muslim male to wear a ring that is not gold. There is nothing wrong in wearing that ring on any hand or on any finger as there is nothing in the authentic sources of Shari`ah forbidding this or obligating a certain act.

Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada , states: There is nothing in the authentic sources that forbids men from wearing rings on the right hand and on any finger.

Imam Nawawi states: Jurists are unanimous on the permissibility of wearing rings on either the right or left hand, and that there is no undesirability in it; however, they differ in regards to which one is preferable; many of the pious predecessors wore rings on the right hand, while others wore them on the left; Imam Malik preferred to wear a ring on the left hand…

He further adds: According to the authentic view of our school, it is preferred that one wears a ring on the right, for it comes under the category of beautifying oneself, and therefore, it is more apt to do so on the right hand.